15 February 2012

Yoga Creates!

Painting: Yoga creates, children painting Painting:

To celebrate our third annual Yoga Stops Traffick event, Odanadi UK is excited to launch YOGA CREATES - an exhibition of artworks by Odanadi residents inspired by their experiences of practising yoga. 

Anxiety, pain, low self-esteem and disassociation are common among victims of abuse and sexual exploitation, but activities such as yoga and art therapy can help victims reclaim their bodies and start the process of healing, empowerment and self-expression. Residents at Odanadi are encouraged to take part in a range of therapeutic activities, as part of a holistic approach to their rehabilititon and personal development. 

During summer 2011, 12 young people at Odanadi created a series of paintings inspired by their experience of practicing yoga, under the guidance of a volunteer art therapist from the UK. All the residents who took part hugely enjoyed the opportunity to express themselves creatively, resulting in 10 striking artworks which will be displayed on our Facebook page. 

To find out more and how you can join in by creating your own yoga artwork, visit http://www.yogastopstraffick.org/wp/ or email yogastopstraffick@gmail.com

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